About us

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Help Worldwide recognizes the challenges that face our world, and believes in the people and organizations working to solve them.

Centered on a coopetition business model, Help Worldwide is driving social change at an incredible speed with its innovative technology and global network of socially-conscious consumers, businesses and non-profit organizations. HELP stands for the “Humanitarian Empowerment Loyalty Program” and its goal is to help support humanity by generating continuous charitable donations with everyday shopping.

With that goal in mind, the Help Worldwide executive management team and partnering organizations have created the first loyalty program incorporating points, discounts, rewards and charitable giving within one all-inclusive Membership.

With a Help Worldwide Membership, Members earn Points, discounts and rewards all while supporting humanitarian causes and charities. By joining Help Worldwide, businesses are promoted across multiple platforms and customers are enticed to return to the stores that help give back to charity. Charities in the network are supported by continuous donations through the Help Worldwide Foundation, and can be involved in special campaigns to promote their cause. By joining together, we will change the world.

  • Help Worldwide Mission

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is enduring and serves as the roadmap for our company:

    • To be a conduit for global change by uniting cause-commerce and the loyalty industry, making it possible to support charitable causes through a host of everyday activities.
    • To empower and support the non-profit sector through ongoing alternative fundraising and marketing education.
    • To inspire businesses, charities, and individuals to support humanity, and have positive impacts on their communities through partnership and coopetition.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision is the framework for our company and guides us toward achieving our goals:

    Help Worldwide’s vision is to be a global, self-sustaining network creating HELP across the world, supporting charitable causes while benefiting both consumers and businesses alike. Help Worldwide envisions a brighter future as the center of cause-driven commerce.

    Help Worldwide Vision
  • Help Worldwide Altruistic Culture

    Our Altruistic Culture

    We believe within us all is the potential to ignite the power within ourselves as well as others to accomplish big dreams. We pride our people, our products, and our company on being the best it can be to make a positive impact on the world.

Living Our Values

Our values represent who we are and what we stand for as a corporation.

We are committed to the empowerment of the non-profit sector, and the average consumer, by delivering innovative products that bring workable solutions to the grand challenges of humanity.

We stand unwaveringly behind our commitment of a humanitarian approach to a consumer-driven world and maintain performance with purpose.

We work together to support the causes of the non-profit sector with a team of enthusiastic individuals who work hard daily to accomplish our vision.

We set attainable goals as a standard against which we weigh our decisions and actions. We focus on the needs of our Members and network, and remain determined to developing sustainable, purposeful products.

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and are consistent in thought, word, and deed. We possess a world view that allows us to be inclusive of all humanity and in everything we do, we strive for honesty and integrity.

We believe in the people and organizations who advance the common good. We believe in our mission and have faith in “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Help Worldwide, Inc. Vision