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Do you have the power to influence? Become an Affinity Group Operator!

What is an AGO?

One of the key groups that we market our Memberships to are followers, fans or supporters of an individual, company, or organization. We call these groups Affinity Groups. An Affinity Group Operator is an individual, company or organization with influence over a large group of people. They might be a company with a large employee or customer base, a charity, a humanitarian organization, a celebrity, a pastor, a priest or a community leader. As an Affinity Group Operator, you’ll be able to offer your supporters exclusive benefits!

What Can AGO Do?

As an AGO who joins Help Worldwide, you’ll enjoy the following opportunities:

  • Offer a co-branded VIP Rewards App to your followers and supporters
  • Advertise within the VIP Rewards App in designated ad spaces
  • Real-Time Communication tool with your group via the Message Center in the VIP Rewards App
  • Specify a charity to receive direct donations through the Help Worldwide Foundation via the VIP Rewards App
  • Co-brand the Points Catalog where Members redeem their Points
  • Add your own products to The Points Catalog under your own specialty store

Help Worldwide wants to help Affinity Group Operators immediate and long-term value from adopting our cause-driven commerce business model. By doing so, influencers can build their own base of supporters and grow their own business by offering them all the benefits of the Help Worldwide and ShareNetwork partnership, including the goodwill and good feelings their followers will experience from knowing that every time they shop, they are supporting their Affinity Group and helping to fund charitable causes close to their heart.

Interested in Becoming an AGO?
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